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Ricky Martin Opens Up on How His Twin Sons Learned of Their Dad's Fame

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Ricky Martin appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" this week where he shared the story of how his twin sons, Matteo and Valentino, learned their dad was an international pop star.

"They've always been traveling with me," Martin said. "When they were like five or six I allowed them to go in front of the stage because for me, I thought it was too overstimulating because they would always see me from backstage. So they went in front of the stage and when they came back they go 'oh got it Daddy. You are Ricky Martin.'"

"It was just so beautiful," he added.

Over time, Martin said his kids have become quite critical of his performances. "It's 'whatever dad you did it wrong. You gotta do that again.' Now it's a different story," said Martin.

Even though they might criticize him, Martin loves the fact that his sons can be honest with him.

"I mean I love them and I want them to be honest. I don't want them to wear a mask. I just want them to be. That's what's important, right?" said Martin.

As a single dad, Martin welcomed his twins via surrogate in 2008. After marrying then-husband Jwan Yosef in 2017, the couple welcomed their daughter Lucia and son Renn just nine months apart, according to People Magazine. They announced a divorced in 2023.

Recently, Matteo and Valentino accompanied their dad to the red carpet premiere of "Palm Royale" in Beverly Hills. The three sported matching black outfits with Martin opting for a black shirt and his sons rocking black leather jackets.

As the three walked up the red carpet, they stopped and posed next to each other where Matteo offered a soft smile beside his dad.

by Bobby Grady

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