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10 Insta Reasons Why Rhyheim Shabazz is a Living Endowment for the Arts

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If you were to ask any fan what they like about Rhyheim Shabazz they would probably say his passion. It's a great virtue to have, especially in his business as an adult entertainer. It can be hard to balance the fast-paced world of OnlyFans and its shag-and-go content without losing some of the ardor. But Shabazz is just so darn likable that maybe none of it matters.

He is a man with a lot of charisma and confidence on camera even if in real life he suffers from shyness. He has said in an interview that once he starts the first kiss with whoever he is filming with, it just flows. That might be the reason he won Performer of the Year at the 2024 GayVN Awards.

From Bridgeton, New Jersey, the 42-year-old didn't start doing adult films until 2019. Before then he was an escort (warning: NSFW link) from the ages of 21 to 30. There was a seven-year period where he discovered who he was and eventually became comfortable with that.

Only two months after he arrived on the adult movie scene he signed an exclusive deal with TimTales (warning: NSFW link), an adult movie studio specializing in well-endowed performers. If you want to explore that area more check out his other social media pages and his OnlyFans account. For now, we are going to concentrate on his Instagram page where everything is strictly PG-13.

With a body that was seemingly forged in the gyms of Mount Olympus, Shabazz looks like a god in this relaxed pose. He admittedly says he is a homebody who likes to read and write. But there must be time in his schedule for working out too.

In this picture, Shabazz looks like he is contemplating his next move. In an interview from a year ago (warning: NSFW link), he says taking photos isn't his favorite thing to do. "I think for me the important thing to remember is not to 'perform.' I hate taking photos mainly because I'm so aware of the camera," he said. "Posing has always seemed so fake to me. As fake as Photoshop."

Red is such a passionate color. It can evoke feelings of love, lust, or even sex. Shabazz seems to be expressing all of those in this photo taken when he was in Rio de Janeiro back in March. That city might be the best place for Shabazz to showcase his physique, especially during Carnival, an event that takes place five days before Ash Wednesday. It's a celebration with roots in Catholicism but has since turned into a city-wide party filled with music and unbridled sexuality. According to the timestamp on this photo, Shabazz just missed it this year but we would guess he still had a great time as suggested by those briefs.

There are several photos on Shabazz's social media pages that celebrate his canine companions. He loves dogs. Two years ago, he lost his beloved first dog Violet, a retriever. In this picture, we see his Husky, Shiva, in the back, and an unnamed fur baby of the same breed resting under his head in the front.

In a relaxed moment, Shabazz takes a brief period to soak up the Rio sunshine. Filming can be an intense and time-consuming physical exercise. He learned that on his first film shoot for TimTales which he thought would only take an hour. "That one hour ended up being four, and by the end of it my body felt like it had stepped into the gym and worked out with a trainer for the first time," he said in an interview (warning: NSFW link) in 2019.

Shabazz says in this photo, "Don't mind me." But it's hard not to take notice of his naked stature and dominant stare. His partner Elijah Zayne must be used to this seductive glance. They have been together since the end of the pandemic. Elijah says that he sometimes gets jealous when Rhyheim makes movies, "but it's never a time where I feel insecure about it, I just get – I'm like, oh I just wish you would f**k me like that now."

Back in Los Angeles, Shabazz gives fans another strategically artful pose in the nude. He has said that his favorite body part to workout are his shoulders (warning: NSFW link). Partialism is a term used for a body part fetish that doesn't involve the reproductive organ. With this particular photo, one has a variety of places to focus on and obsess over.

Clad in white Intimissimi briefs, Shabazz takes a selfie in what looks like a shower. The adult star has said that he prefers briefs over boxers. He also says he loves wearing sweatpants. We can't decide which we like better; each has its benefits.

This flex comes from a photo shoot in Rio. Dressed in a black bodysuit, Shabazz looks like a superhero ready to use his powers to save the city of Gotham. This shoot was for Alternativa, a company that says it's a "Photographer and videomaker specialized in capturing masculine essence and sensuality. Alternative, where your wish is not a sin" on its Instagram page. Mission accomplished.

Smiling once again in his birthday suit laying on a fur blanket, Shabazz seems happy. But he dropped a bombshell about the future of his career during a red-carpet interview with his partner Elijah Zayne at the GayVN awards in February. When asked how much longer he would be in the industry, Shabazz said, "I'm giving it three to four months." He then added, "I'll keep working –- just not in front of the camera."

by Timothy Rawles

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