Homophobic Pro Wrestler Denies Being Father to Baltimore Drag Queen

Tuesday September 8, 2020

Last week Baltimore drag queen Washington Heights rocked the wrestling world when she edited pro wrestler New Jack's Wiki page, claiming he was her father.

"Heights placed her name on the collective tongue of the wrestling world Monday (August 31) when she publicly revealed that former ECW tag team champion, deathmatch wrestling legend and one of the industry's more polarizing and problematic figures New Jack, real name Jerome Young, is her father and that he cut off contact with her three years ago," reported Outsports.

Heights added the text claiming to be New Jack's son on his Wikipedia page. It was subsequently deleted, but not before Washington Heights took a screenshot.

"My dad (New Jack from ECW) cut me out of his life three years ago because he didn't want his fans to know I'm a drag queen, and he didn't want Wikipedia posting anything about me," Outsports reports Heights as saying.

What prompted Young's actions was that Wikipedia had contacted him about updating his page with information about Heights; instead he cut off contact to prevent that from happening.

Heights said that she wasn't try to bash Young, but instead is looking for a mature conversation. "...all I wanted him to do was to listen. We never had a conversation about me being gay one-on-one. I have the mindset of, if I talk to you normally and you don't respond, I will do everything and anything to get a reaction out of you just so you'll address what is going on and stop ignoring it," she wrote.

"Was I petty with posting this and changing his Wikipedia? Yes. Could I have handled it better? Possibly," Heights tweeted. "The world is already against me being gay. I just want someone who created me to embrace what I do and support me. End of story."

Not quite. After days of silence, New Jack responded on Thursday at a Facebook Live broadcast. "While promoting an upcoming virtual meet-and-greet, Young continued to claim Heights isn't his child with hateful and homophobic language," wrote OutSports.

"'There's a lot of shit going on right now that's got my name on it. I can't really go into detail about it but it's some real fucked up shit. I would just like to say to you little faggot motherfucker: you know who you are and you're not my son, you little bitch.'"

Heights told Outsports that Young has not contacted her privately regarding her comments, but in her statements last week said: "I just want him to be proud of me even if he is lying about it. Lie to me. Tell me you're proud so I can never talk about it again... just make it seem like you care."

Heights retweeted a link to her interview on Outsports:

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