Rise In Businesses Refusing Gay Couples Is No Anomaly

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday April 26, 2021

Rise In Businesses Refusing Gay Couples Is No Anomaly
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It's not your imagination. Lately there have been more headlines about gay couples being refused services, and LGBTQ rights advocates say this is intentional.

As reported by NBC News, people who oppose LGBTQ rights are hoping to make the case that gay people can be refused services under freedom of speech and religion protections.

"They want to get legal rulings that there are religious and free speech rights to violate these laws," NBC reported from Jennifer Pizer, law and policy director at Lambda Legal, a national LGBTQ legal organization. "We have seen a significant rise and a very troubling rise in these cases, and it's not an accident."

Only last week, "Mean Girls" actor Jonathan Bennett revealed that his wedding was turned away from a resort in Mexico.

Another gay couple had a venue turn them away in North Carolina because their wedding reportedly did not sit well with the owner's Christian views.

Then there is Amy and Stephanie Mudd, a married lesbian couple who went to get their taxes done and found a sign that said: "Homosexual marriage not reconized."

As reported in the NBC news, the couple drove to Radcliff, Kentucky, from their home in Glasgow to meet with an accountant at Aries Tax Service.

"When they got there, they saw a sign on the door that listed 10 things customers should have with them if they want the business to e-file their tax return," NBC reports. "But the last item on the list stopped them from opening the door. It read, 'Homosexual marriage not recognized.'"

The couple left but not before taking a photo of the proclamation.

"It just kind of makes your heart fall into your stomach," Amy told NBC. "We wanted to bring attention to it, so that he knows that that's not OK," said Mudd about the owner. "Nowadays, you're providing a public service, and it's federal taxes, and in the United States, it's OK for us to be married."

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