Watch: Teacher Scrawls 'Heteros Rule' over Students' Pride, Trans Flag Drawings

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday May 6, 2021

Watch: Teacher Scrawls 'Heteros Rule' over Students' Pride, Trans Flag Drawings

A middle school teacher in Texas sparked a furor after scrawling "Heteros Rule" over chalk drawings students had created and confronting the students in a manner that left them "feeling disrespected and marginalized," as an email to parents from the school said.

The incident took place at Sartartia Middle School in Sugarland, Texas, reported the Daily Advent.

Local news station Click2Houston reported on how one parent told the news channel that their "daughter said she and other students were chalking up the courtyard sidewalk during their free period. The chalk art consisted of gay pride and transgender pride flags."

The supervising teacher approached the students and, the parent recounted, "told the students to erase the pride flags". The students didn't want to and so, the parent said, "The teacher then threatened to pour a drink on the chalk art, and finally grabbed some chalk and wrote 'HETEROS RULE' over the pride flags."

The incident was recorded on cell phone video. Click2Houston played some of the footage. In one video, the teacher is heard telling the students that "You all put yours on the sidewalk and offended me, so now I'm gonna offend you. But did that solve anything?"

The teacher goes on to tell the students, "The point of the conversation was, don't fly the flags," and, "The point was, you don't have to fly the flags if this is an inappropriate place. Because nobody's flying these flags at school."

Another video captures the teacher declaring, "Since y'all are a community of lovers, this is going to be your job to clean it up. That's how we're doing it."

"The words made it inappropriate," the teacher goes on to say. "None of you can disappear, and if you try me I'll hunt you down and make it worse."

The teacher then offered an alternative: "If you clean it up, we act like it never happened."

Following the incident, the school sent out an email to parents that referred to "an unfortunate incident involving some of our students" that had left the students "feeling disrespected and marginalized.

"Keeping in mind that the safety, health, and social and emotional well-being of our students and staff are always our top priority, we were extremely disheartened to hear about these allegations," the email added.

Some parents told the news station they found the email "vague" and were left wonder what, exactly, had happened.

The parent who shared their daughter's story told the news station, "This was an opportunity to have a productive conversation. Instead, the kids felt ridiculed and less than, and honestly, afraid because the teacher lost control."

To view the Click2Houston news clip, follow this link.

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