Lockdown Hookups? Study Suggests Gay and Bisexual Men Have More Sex During Pandemic

Wednesday December 2, 2020

Lockdown Hookups? Study Suggests Gay and Bisexual Men Have More Sex During Pandemic
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While urban health officials have cautioned that having sex during the pandemic puts partners at risk, a study by the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, University of Michigan says that gay and bisexual men are having more sex, not less.

"Gay and bi men in the US had an average of 2.3 more sexual partners at the height of the first wave of the COVID pandemic," reports Gay Star News

The report also states that only 50% of those surveys realize that COVID-19 can be transmitted during sex and 64% didn't think they needed to reduce the number of sexual partners. The study covered the period from February to April of this year and surveyed 518 gay and bisexual men, aged 18 or over, who they recruited on Grindr, Facebook, and Instagram.

"In fact, most men recognized that kissing is the highest risk for passing on COVID-19 and knew anal sex is comparatively safer," writes Gay Star News.

It also reports an increase in alcohol and drug use amongst those surveyed and there is a correlation between substance abuse and increased sexual activity.

"Men who reported that their substance use had increased during lockdown were significantly more likely to report increases in the number of sex partners, anal sex partners and unprotected sex partners, but there were no significant associations with reporting decreases in substance use," the report states.

"These increases in substance and alcohol use may reflect more opportunities for use (while confined to the home and not in a workplace setting) and may also reflect an increase in negative coping behaviors in response to high levels of stress and uncertainty during the epidemic."

Gay Star News contacted sex writer Michael Alvear who was blunt in his assessment of the study.

"If half the gay men in this study were any stupider we'd have to water them once a week," he says. "Our collective common sense has hit rock bottom...and then found a trap door."

But the study indicates that those surveyed "are intelligent. In fact, it notes that most of the men in the study were 'highly educated' — perhaps skewing the figures," writes GSN.

While health departments have recommended such innovative sexual alternatives as "glory hole" sex, the suggestions have not been adopted by gay and bi men having sex.

"The study's authors found that 11.8% of the men had suffered food insecurity. Meanwhile, 1.4% reported having transactional sex — sex for money — for the first time in their lives. And 4.1% experienced homelessness," adds GSN.

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