Shangela :: Werq the World!

by Tim Parks

Rage Monthly

Sunday October 8, 2017

When "Drag Race" alum Shangela takes the stage as the hostess of "RuPaul's Werq The World Tour," this queen is totally prepared to "Bring it!" The North American run, fresh off its European leg, will kick off its high- heeled debut inside Downtown San Diego's Spreckels Theatre on Thursday, October 12, followed by a performance just north in Downtown Los Angeles' Globe Theatre on Friday, October 13.

Both seasoned vets and one newcomer will display their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent during "Werq The World," including: Detox, Alyssa Edwards, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Violet Chachki and Valentina. A word of advice to tour virgin, Valentina..."Girl, no lip syncing behind a mask, okay?"

The Rage Monthly spoke with the very affable Shangela to get the tea on what it takes to be a hostess with the mostest, what to expect from "Werq The World" and what lessons she learned from Mama Ru.

Growing up in Paris, Texas was no deterrent for Shangela, expressing her fabulousness at an early age. She dressed in drag to get As for her English class in high school, as she explained. "Surprisingly the reaction from my teacher went really well. She invited me to come back to perform again for different periods, like not even my class," she said with a laugh. "I don't know if it was for her personal enjoyment, but it did lead to me getting As in the process."

She didn't see it as an act of bravery, but now looks upon it differently. "At the time, I just saw it as, 'I love to entertain in whatever way I could and give it to them!' Looking back, I do think it was pretty brave. I remember going into the boy's restroom and getting in my little dress and coming back down the hallway to go back to class... At the time I didn't think about it, but that probably wasn't the safest move in eighth grade."

Fast forward to 2010 and the second season of "Drag Race," when Shangela was the first queen to be told to "Sashay away," making a surprise return during the next season and placing sixth. "To have the opportunity to come back and do it all over again, with what I learned in the year since being on 'Drag Race,' " she said, "I came back into the room, thinking, 'I'm going to win this, I'm going to do this, I have what it takes.' And that's how I approach life."

She definitely had a big take away under the watchful eye of RuPaul, as she told us. "Oh honey, stay resilient, never give up, no matter how many times you're knocked down. It's all about how you get up and you continue," Shangela said. "Life's not about winning one particular race, it's about continuing in the marathon. You can always watch, learn and grow." She continues that "Drag Race" legacy as Mistress of Ceremonies on "Werq The World." "As the hostess, I like my audience having as much fun as I'm having on the stage," Shangela explained. "And trust me, I know how to have a good time, baby!"

One has to wonder if the queens are having a good time traveling the world together. "We did 15 cities in Europe in June. Try traveling the world with a bunch of RuPaul's 'Drag Race' stars, honey," she quipped. "You learn so much about people. I always thought Kim Chi was very quiet... uh no, that's not true. Also, you've got to watch her with that phone, because she videotapes everything. There are pictures of me on her Snapchat eating and sleeping in the airport. I'm like, 'Kim! Give it a rest, mama!' "

As for the show, she says this, "Baby, trust me, when you come to 'Werq The World,' all our fans should expect the unexpected," Shangela explained. "This is like no other concert tour. We amped it up even more! We're really excited to come to U.S. cities and give the audience what we do best, a sickening live show!"

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