Actor Eric Dane Opens Up About Full-Frontal 'Euphoria' Scene

Thursday June 20, 2019

There's been much discussion about the new HBO teen drama "Euphoria." The series, starring Zendaya, follows a group of Gen Z teens navigating life but it's found itself in the headlines for reports about the show's excessive drug use and featuring 30 penises.

Among those exposed penises is actor Eric Dane — sort of. In the first episode, Dane's character has rough sex and commits statutory rape with a trans high school girl who goes to school with his son. Known as "Dominant Daddy" on the hookup app used in the "Euphoria" episode, viewers also got to see Dane's character's penis...but not really. It turns out the full-frontal moment featured a prosthetic penis.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Dane opened up about the scene, saying he was happy to show his own nudity if he was asked to do so.

"I'm willing to do anything that's critical to the story and crucial to creating a very real and truthful feel to how the story is gonna go down," he told said. "I just don't see how you shoot a scene like that without showing nudity. And, you know, it kind of matches the stakes. The stakes are so high, you can't hold anything back, really."

He added that he chose to go the prosthetics route to be "considerate" of his scene partner, Hunter Schafer.

"There was one isolated shot that I suggested, 'Look if it makes more sense to not use a prosthetic, I'm willing to go there,'" he told EW. "At the end of the day, because of the context, we decided that the prosthetic was the way to go, and we came to that decision as a group." Dane won't reveal anything more about the exploits of his character, only adding, "this is a cautionary tale."

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