Outfest on Demand is Here!

Monday April 13, 2020

'Then We Danced'
'Then We Danced'  (Source:Outfest / Music Box Films)

Outfest on Demand is here!

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people sheltering in place, but you don't have to go it alone - especially as the film festival season gets underway. Outfest has partnered with film distributors to bring movie lovers the film festival experience even as they stay home to help flatten the curve and stall the progress of the virus.

Note the organizers of Outfest: "When you buy a virtual ticket, part of the proceeds will go back to Outfest, so this is a great way to support us while we are apart!"

The first offerings of the virtual film festival are Outfest and SXSW Audience Award winner "Saint Francis" and the Georgian film about first love "And Then We Danced."

"Stay home and watch new LGBTQ+ films on demand!" text at the Outfest on Demand site invites.. "By purchasing a virtual ticket to Outfest on Demand screenings you are supporting Outfest to continue its programming in these unprecedented times. Part of the revenue will go back to Outfest, so this is a great way to support us at this time!"

To access Outfest on Demand, click here.

"With Outfest on Demand, we aim to provide our audience with the best of LGBTQIA+ cinema while wait to gather again as a community," Outfest said in a release. "As a non-profit, our member support helps us continue our mission of empowering artists and filmmakers to transform the world through their stories.

"We rely on LGBTQIA+ movie lovers like you, please consider becoming a member or donating today. By becoming a member you also get exclusive access to content coming in the next few weeks and discounts on rentals, merchandise, and more!"

Membership tot eh festival "now gives unprecedented access and benefits to our new Always On and streaming content and digital workshops, as well as our namesake year-round events, festivals, screenings and exclusive access," notes text at the Outfest home page.

Go to Outfest.org to become a member.

Outfest 2020

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