Inside Art Basel: How the Richard Gray Gallery Partnered with David Hockney

Wednesday November 13, 2019

David Hockney at the Richard Gray Gallery last September
David Hockney at the Richard Gray Gallery last September  (Source:YouTube Still)

Since it started in 1963, Chicago's Richard Gray Gallery has featured artists of international status mixed with emerging contemporary artists and artists of previous generations too.

And in 1983 they formed a partnership with one of the world's most famous living artist, David Hockney; but not to exhibit his paintings, but photo collages.

"My father and I were both very taken by this new body of work that Hockney had just completed called Photo Collages," said Paul Gray, the son of the gallery founder who went to work there in 1983. "We invited him to show this new body of work with him and he accepted... David was at a point in his career and we were at a point in our history when neither one of us absolutely needed each other, but both of us were enriched by the relationship."

Since then the gallery has had 10 exhibits of Hockney's work, including last September the installation of two different photographic drawings that were mural size — 28 feet long. Valery Carberry, a partner in the gallery, said that "when he was present at the opening there were hundreds of people under the age of 25 here coming to look at his new work. And he was deeply moved that his work spoke to so many young people.

Watch the video below that looks at the relationship between the Richard Gray Gallery and David Hockney.

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