Olympian Tom Daley Announces Knitting Book, Coming in November

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday May 29, 2022
Originally published on May 25, 2022

Out British Olympic diver Tom Daley's habit of knitting on the sidelines during the Tokyo Olympics became one of the most highly anticipated attractions of the event. Now Daley is ready to share his knack for knitting with the world.

As reported by NBC Sports, Daley will publish a book of knitting "tips, tricks and techniques" called "Made with Love," including more than 30 patterns that readers can complete.

The book will complement Daley's line of knitting patterns.

"It was mainly my way of being able to find something to rest and recover," Daley said on CBS Mornings last week while promoting his autobiography, "Coming up for Air," released this month. Daley said he started knitting before the initial COVID lockdown.

"It was my super power to allow me to stop overthinking," said Daley.

After winning his first Olympic gold medal in Tokyo, Daley initially said that he planned to retire before his body does it for him.

"It's difficult, because I know that I'm getting better," he told GQ last year. "I always said that I'll keep going until my body gives up or until I get the gold medal. And I've got the gold medal. But my body's getting better. So there are lots of decisions to be made in the next year or so."

Whatever Daley decides, he is sure to make a splash.