Onetime UFC Fighter Reveals Gay Sex for Pay to Fund MMA Dreams

Sunday January 9, 2022
Originally published on December 30, 2021

Yoshinori Horie — a featherweight MMA fighter nicknamed "Rising Star" — disclosed in a pair of social media posts how, at age 21, he turned to gay sex for pay in order to fund his pursuit of an MMA career, The Star reported.

"Five years ago, when I was with a friend, I was told that I could get money just by h*ndjob in Shibuya," the 26-year-old Japanese fighter recounted in a Dec. 25 tweet.

But, Horie suggested, it wasn't as simple as what he'd been led to expect; he went on to say that he was "told to hide my face" and said that he "was deceived in various ways."

"The veteran fighter insists others took advantage of him once they were aware of his desperate situation," The Star summarized his tweet, which was posted in Japanese.

Horie said the experience was "painful," but explained that he went through with it even though he "like[s] women" because "I didn't have the money and I really wanted to do martial arts on my own." And the pay was good: I got 20,000 yen" — about $174 — "in less than an hour," Horie recounted, "but it was pretty big!"

That short amount of time, he added, yielded him more cash than "the amount of 2 days of part-time work that I do for 8 hours while standing!"

The fighter went on to say, "It's pretty painful now, but as long as I'm alive I can chase my dreams!"

"Luckily, Horie didn't have to spend too much time in the sex industry after making a living in MMA," LowKickMMA reported. "The Japanese fighter boasts a 12-3 record and is currently riding a three-fight win streak.

"In 2019, he fought in the UFC but was knocked out and is yet to be invited back," the site recalled.

Horie is also active on Instagram, where he regularly posts thirst-trappy photos. Check out a few below.