As COVID Cases Soar Anew, Randy Rainbow Advises Trump: 'Cover Your Freakin' Face!'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday June 29, 2020

Randy Rainbow has some words of advice for President Trump
Randy Rainbow has some words of advice for President Trump  (Source:Screen cap / Randy Rainbow / YouTube)

COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing again in the U.S., and singing political satirist Randy Rainbow has seized the moment with a new video parody in which he advises our mask-refusing president to "cover your freakin' face!"

Better still, his recommended facial covering is a likeness of one of the people Trump most obsesses over: Hillary Clinton.

The video begins in signature Rainbow style, at a mock press conference that blends actual news footage with Rainbow's tailor-made video. As Rainbow addresses Trump with questions about COVID-19 transmission and the president's refusal to use face masks during his political rallies, music starts in the background. Then Rainbow bursts into song:

"You're looking awful grouchy," Rainbow sings to Trump, to the tune of "Put On a Happy Face." "Listen to Dr. Fauci: Cover your freakin' face!"

As Trump seems to watch from his podium, Rainbow adds: "Won't wait around for herd immunity, you reckless thug. And what a golden opportunity to hide that mug!"

As the sprightly tune continues, Rainbow slips in a number of jabs. "You're siding with the virus," he smilingly notes, "'cause you're a virus, too. So back up, gurl, don't get in my space - and cover your freakin' face!"

After a callout to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a quick name-check of the vice president - who drew condemnation for delaying action while an outbreak of HIV ravaged Indiana during his tenure as governor of the state - Rainbow threw in a quick dance break before resuming with:

"And in the same way testing less would make COVID just quit, maybe if we can't see your mouth you won't say stupid shit."

Watch the full video below.

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