After Coming Out as Queer, Actor Tyler Blackburn Reveals He's Dating 'An Amazing Guy'

Wednesday June 12, 2019

Nearly two months after coming out as queer, "Pretty Little Lies" actor Tyler Blackburn sat down with Playboy for the magazine's gender and sexuality issue and opened up about his sexuality, revealing that he's dating "an amazing guy."

"As I got older, I realized good sex is when you really have something between the two of you," he said. "It's not just a body. The more I've realized that, the more able I am to be settled in my sexuality. I'm freer in my sexuality now. I'm very sexual; it's a beautiful aspect of life."

Blackburn, 32, previously identified as bisexual and explained to Playboy how he felt a backlash.

"Once I decided to date men, I was like, 'Please just let me be gay and be okay with that, because it would be a lot fucking easier' ," The told the magazine. "At times, bisexuality feels like a big gray zone. I've had to check myself and say, I know how I felt when I was in love with women and when I slept with women.

"That was true and real. Don't discredit that, because you're feeding into what other people think about bisexuality," Blackburn added.

The actor later took to Instagram and wrote about speaking with Playboy.

"Having a platform to talk so freely about very personal topics is cathartic and I appreciate feeling safe to discuss sexuality and the on going journey I'm on in owning my identity," Blackburn wrote. "Also thank you to every one who is mentioned in this article, who has supported me and helped me in many ways on this road- I hold you close to my heart."

In April, Blackburn told the Advocate that he's queer.

"I'm queer. I've identified as bisexual since a teenager. I just want to feel powerful in my own skin, and my own mind, and in my own heart," he said at the time.

The actor, who now plays a gay war veteran on the CW show "Roswell, New Mexico," then talked about the stigma of identifying as bisexual in the LGBTQ community.

"I heard so many things from within the queer community about bisexuality being a cop-out or bullshit or the easy way out or something, and that always stuck with me because I felt the pressure from all sides to have [it] figured out," Blackburn said. "And I think for the longest time, I suppressed more of my attraction to men. It wasn't until my late 20s, towards the end of 'Pretty Little Liars,' that I really allowed myself to go there and not just wonder about it or lust over it, but experience that vulnerability and experience the emotional aspect of what it is to be bisexual."

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