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Buenos Aires Prepares for BA Diversa

Thursday Aug 3, 2017

Already one of the world's most diverse and LGBT-friendly cities, Buenos Aires turns it up a few notches, putting out the rainbow welcome carpet from Aug. 14-19, as it hosts BA Diversa. From same-sex marriage to LGBT-friendly restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs, few cities celebrate and embrace LGBT diversity as passionately as Argentina's capital.

Buenos Aires has been holding Diversa since 2014, a multi-day city-wide event, promoting LGBT inclusion. This year's event has a variety of components, from rainbow displays in the heart of the city at the iconic Obelisco, to sports events, photography exhibits, and many other exciting activities.

During Diversa the city also hosts the annual Gnetwork360 International Conference on LGBTIQ Business and Tourism, one of the most important LGBTIQ travel events in the world. Global LGBTIQ travel industry leaders, media and others swoop into the city for the conference and surrounding events.

As testimony to the city's acceptance to the LGBT community, Nestpick declared it a new gay travel Mecca, ranking it number two in the world, behind Amsterdam and ahead of San Francisco. Buenos Aires is also the number one gay travel destination in Latin America.

Same-Sex Marriage in Buenos Aires

Same-sex marriage is a big part of what makes Buenos Aires and Argentina LGBT-friendly. Gay tourists from around the world flock here to get married and to honeymoon. They tie the knot at the main civil matrimony registry, located at Uruguay 753.

Couples need to bring all their documentation for the first appointment and must go for a blood test before taking their vows. For the ceremony, two Buenos Aires city residents are needed as witnesses and, if any of the brides or grooms don't speak Spanish a licensed interpreter is required as well. More information in Spanish here and here.

Choices for wedding venues are nothing short of fierce. The Alvear Palace Hotel in Recoleta is among the city's most beautiful buildings, a gilded wedding cake of neoclassical architecture, along with its new sister property, the high rise Alvear Icon in Puerto Madero. Another amazingly chic Puerto Madero choice is the Faena Hotel, full of incredible indoor and outdoor spaces and a happening pool scene.

Nightlife & Culture in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires' LGBT nightlife is unrivaled anywhere on the South American continent, with venues across the city, from Sitges and Glam to Amerika, one of the city's biggest nightclubs, where people come for the music and stay for the accepting and open atmosphere.

Other fun venues include Contramano, the city's oldest gay bar; and the crazy Fiesta Plop, a weekly late-night party with an extravagant theme that features performances by an often scantily dressed theater group and all the pop hits fit to play. Whether it's admiring provocative art at Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm, getting a bear hug at Club de Osos Buenos Aires, or having a haircut or beard trimmed at Peluquería La Chola García, there is always something exciting to do after the sun goes down.

LGBT nightlife in Buenos Aires even includes the most Argentine tradition of all: tango.Tango Queer and La Marshall are two well-known LGBT-friendly milongas, or social dance spaces, that actively encourage breaking and playing with the dance's traditional gender roles to explore the dynamics in more equal relationships. There's also an annual Queer Tango Festival.

Tens of thousands will also march from the Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada down Avenida de Mayo on Saturday, Nov. 4, for the annual LGBT Pride Parade.

Visitors are able to get around the city using the subway -- called "el subte" in Buenos Aires. A highlight of the underground system is the new H Line station Carlos Jáuregui at Pueyrredon and Santa Fe, the first and only subway station in the world to be named after an LGBT activist, who was the first president of the Argentine Homosexual Community.

While Buenos Aires is a city that celebrates diversity in all its forms every day of the year, Diversa and the LGBT Pride Parade is the perfect opportunity for visitors to fully experience all the city's LGBT community has to offer in just a few days.


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