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Watch: Clearasil Ad Deemed Homophobic Comes Under Fire on Twitter

Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
A scene from Clearasil's  "Pimples Make Terrible Prom Dates" ad.
A scene from Clearasil's "Pimples Make Terrible Prom Dates" ad.  (Source:YouTube Still)

A new ad from the skin care company Clearasil is coming under fire on Twitter this week as some deemed the commercial homophobic.

In the ad, called "Pimples Make Terrible Prom Dates," two teen girls are in a bathroom discussing prom when one of them notices they've got a zit forming on her forehead.

"If this turns into a pimple, i will literally die," she says in the 30-second clip.

The camera then zooms into the zit, which turns into a flamboyant man with a piercing voice wearing head-to-toe pink. He strikes a pose before saying, "Who wouldn't want to go to prom with this."

The girl applies the Clearasil to destroy the pimple and they return to their prom.

Twitter users were quick to call out the ad, with some calling it homophobic, including Savage Garden's Darren Haynes. Find some of the reactions below along with the Clearasil commercial.

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