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Unused J&J COVID Doses Are Piling Up as FDA Waits to See if Shelf Life Can Be Extended

By Rachana Pradhan, Christina Jewett | Wednesday Jun 9, 2021
State health officials have strenuously warned vaccine administrators against using expired doses. Now, though, the FDA appears optimistic that the Johnson & Johnson expiration dates could be extended.

Boeing Tested Air Purifiers Like Those Widely Used in Schools. It Decided Not to Use Them in Planes.

By Christina Jewett, Lauren Webber | Wednesday Jun 9, 2021
Aerospace giant Boeing tested two kinds of ionization technologies — like those widely adopted in schools hoping to combat covid — to determine how well each killed germs on surfaces and decided that neither was effective enough to install.

Telehealth: Are Virtual Visits Here to Stay?

By Noam N. Levey | Monday Jun 7, 2021
As the COVID crisis wanes and life approaches normal across the U.S., health industry leaders and many patient advocates are pushing Congress and the Biden administration to preserve the pandemic-fueled expansion of telehealth.

The 'Grief Pandemic' Will Torment Americans for Years

By Liz Szabo | Thursday Jun 3, 2021
With nearly 600,000 in the U.S. lost to covid-19 — now a leading cause of death — researchers estimate that more than 5 million Americans are in mourning, including more than 43,000 children who have lost a parent.

Doctors Tell How to Make the Most of Your Telehealth Visits

By Julie Appleby | Wednesday Jun 2, 2021
Telehealth served as a lifeline for many during the pandemic, ramping up from a minority share of office visits to a majority, at least for a while. Still, it cannot replace hands-on care for some conditions.

Little-Known Illnesses Turning Up in COVID Long-Haulers

By Cindy Loose | Tuesday Jun 1, 2021
One doctor says "waves and waves" of "long-haul" covid patients remain sick long after retesting negative for the virus. A significant percentage are suffering from syndromes that few doctors understand or treat.

Lady Gaga and J.Lo Sell 'Well' Building Seal, But It's a Payday, Not a PSA

By Michael McAuliff | Friday May 28, 2021
A-list celebs are backing something called the Well Health-Safety seal, offered by the International Well Building Institute, a for-profit company piggybacking on post-pandemic anxiety.

Is Your Living Room the Future of Hospital Care?

Tuesday May 25, 2021
Major hospital systems are betting big money that the future of hospital care looks a lot like the inside of patients' homes.

Pandemic Leads Doctors to Rethink Unnecessary Treatment

By Bruce Alpert | Tuesday May 25, 2021
Covid-19 is opening the door for researchers to address a problem that has vexed the medical community for decades: the overtreatment and unnecessary treatment of patients.

No-Cancel Culture: How Telehealth Is Making It Easier to Keep That Therapy Session

By Eric Berger | Monday May 24, 2021
Providers and patients say teletherapy has largely been an effective lifeline for people struggling with anxiety, depression and other psychological issues during an extraordinarily difficult time.

In Search of Covid's Origins, Scientists Reignite Polarizing Debate on Wuhan 'Lab Leak'

By Arthur Allen | Friday May 21, 2021
Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the idea that the covid virus escaped from a Chinese lab is gaining high-profile attention. As it does, reputations of renowned scientists are at risk — and so is their personal safety.

Doctors Now Must Provide Patients Their Health Data, Online and On Demand

By Sarah Kwon | Wednesday May 19, 2021
A recent federal rule requires health care providers to give patients like Ramsey electronic access to their health information without delay upon request, at no cost.

Don't Eat the Yellowstone Snow: Elite Ski Resort Aims to Turn Sewage Into Powder

By Justin Franz | Wednesday May 12, 2021
An exclusive Montana resort wants to turn sewage into snow so that its rich and famous members can ski its slopes in a winter season that's shrinking because of climate change.

'I Just Feel Like Myself': A Nonbinary Child in Their Own Words

By Martha Bebinger, WBUR | Monday May 10, 2021
A family embraces their child's identity as "boy-girl," collectively navigating school and public spaces with mother Shira saying, "This is who they envisioned themselves to be, and we just didn't put hurdles in front of them."

Serious COVID Cases on Rise in Younger Adults

By Will Stone | Wednesday May 5, 2021
After spending much of the past year tending to elderly patients, doctors are seeing a clear demographic shift: young and middle-aged adults make up a growing share of the patients in covid-19 hospital wards.

CVS and Walgreens Have Wasted More Vaccine Doses Than Most States Combined

By Joshua Eaton, Rachana Pradhan | Monday May 3, 2021
Two national pharmacy chains that the federal government entrusted to inoculate people against covid-19 account for the lion's share of wasted vaccine doses, according to government data obtained by KHN.

Detecting Rare Blood Clots Was a Win, But US Vaccine Safety System Still Has Gaps

By JoNel Aleccia | Monday May 3, 2021
Experts worry that blind spots in the power of a federal warning system for vaccine safety issues, could hamper detection of other unexpected side effects.

You Don't Have to Suffer to Benefit From Covid Vaccination — But Some Prefer It

By Arthur Allen | Thursday Apr 29, 2021
While the symptoms show your immune system is responding to the vaccine in a way that will protect against disease, evidence from clinical trials showed that people with few or no symptoms were also protected. Don't feel bad if you don't feel bad.

Doctors More Likely to Prescribe Opioids to Covid 'Long Haulers,' Raising Addiction Fears

By Liz Szabo | Wednesday Apr 28, 2021
A new study in Nature found alarmingly high rates of opioid use among covid survivors with lingering symptoms at Veterans Health Administration facilities.

Time to Say Goodbye to Some Insurers' Waivers for Covid Treatment Fees

By Julie Appleby | Monday Apr 26, 2021
Just as other industries are rolling back some consumer-friendly changes made early in the pandemic — think empty middle seats on airplanes — so, too, are health insurers.

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