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Q-Music: family jewels: Songwriting siblings, sons and daughters

By Gregg Shapiro | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
Sons and daughters, sisters and brothers of prominent musicians have long shared their own talents. Our music columnist offers a few new bests.

Literary loss: Anthony Veasna So's 'Afterparties: Stories'

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
Published after his death, Anthony Veasna So's story collection includes characters haunted by memories of genocide, especially the older parents, aunties, and uncles who experienced trauma before escaping Cambodia.

Udo Kier on his 50-year career and 'Swan Song'

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
At age 76, gay German actor Udo Kier is having the time of his life; he's just played the role of a lifetime. Kier stars in Todd Stephens' acclaimed new film "Swan Song" as gay retired hairdresser.

Truths and consequences: P.J. Vernon's 'Bath Haus'

By Jim Piechota | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
In P.J. Vernon's dynamic and exhilarating follow-up to his 2018 debut, he explores what happens when a cheating boyfriend meets a sexy, vendetta-driven psycho at a bathhouse.

Watch Marc Huestis' 1982 film 'Whatever Happened to Susan Jane?' free online

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Aug 2, 2021
Marc Huestis' eccentric and campy film 'Whatever Happened to Susan Jane' embodies the early 1980s of New Wave, drag queens and wild characters through the misadventures of runaway Virginia housewife. Watch it free online.

Todd Stephens' 'Swan Song' of joy

By Gregg Shapiro | Thursday Jul 29, 2021
Todd Stephens, the writer-director of the acclaimed new film 'Swan Song,' discusses the culmination of his 'Sandusky trilogy,' working with actor Udo Kier, and returning to his hometown to film the unique gay "comeback" tale of a retired hairdresser.

Going Out, July 30-Aug 6, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Jul 28, 2021
As more venues re-open, more precautions become standard. Mask up, get your shots, and enjoy arts and nightlife events.

Sportertainment: The Lavender Tube on LGBT athletes & allies at the Tokyo Olympics

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Wednesday Jul 28, 2021
After a year's delay, and continued health worries and protests, Tokyo's Olympic Games have begun, with the largest ever number of out LGBT competitors.

Phatima Rude memorial to be held Aug. 1 at Public Works

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jul 27, 2021
Known for outrageous and unique performances, the late local drag performer Phatima Rude (Leigh Pankonin) will be remembered at a gathering on August 1 at Public Works.

Irish wise: Graham Norton's novel, 'Home Stretch'

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Jul 27, 2021
Known as the savvy, freewheeling UK television talk show host, Norton's new gay-inclusive novel is an unexpectedly insightful character-driven delight that is as binge-worthy and compelling as any trending Netflix series.

Todrick Hall: the multi-talent on gay anthems, mentors & new music

By Gregg Shapiro | Saturday Jul 24, 2021
Is there anything gay performer and Texas native Todrick Hall can't do? He sings. He dances. He writes songs. He acts on Broadway, in movies, and on TV. He's also an outspoken activist, and discusses his new album, "Femuline."

Going Out, July 16-22, 2021

Wednesday Jul 14, 2021
Make your reservations, get your vaccinations, and rejoin audiences all over the Bay Area for films, theater, dance and nightlife. Catch up in Going Out.

Lillias White: 'Happy' to be here

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Jul 13, 2021
There will be much to celebrate with Broadway star Lillias White when she makes her Feinstein's at the Nikko debut in a two-night engagement beginning Friday, July 23. The very same day will see the release of White's new album, 'Get Yourself Some Happy!'

Protests and produce: The Lavender Tube on sports, 'Gossip Girls,' 'Unforgotten' and 'Banana' & Emmy noms

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Tuesday Jul 13, 2021
Our erudite TV columnist covers Olympic controversies, Valerie Bertinelli's slap-back to fat-shamers, the "Gossip Girls" reboot, and Russell T. Davie's oh-so-gay "Cucumber" etc. series refreshed for U.S. audiences.

Jewish Filmfest includes compelling LGBTQ stories

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Jul 13, 2021
San Francisco's Jewish Film Festival will present more than 50 films from over 20 countries. Now in its 41st year, 2021's program has "something for everyone," including six films addressing LGBTQ stories.

Derek Frost's 'Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS'

By Jim Piechota | Tuesday Jul 13, 2021
In this honest and poignant remembrance of the years before, during, and after the scourge of AIDS, celebrated designer, photographer, and artist Derek Frost escorts readers into the dark, devastating heart of the 1980s and beyond.

Fred Halsted art-porn classics at Embarcadero, Shattuck cinemas

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jul 8, 2021
What are the cinematic boundaries between art and pornography? Two gay porn classics by Fred Halsted blend both in a strange mix, and will screen at Embarcadero and Shattuck cinemas July 9-15.

50 Years in 50 Weeks: 1984 - saluting Sylvester

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jul 8, 2021
Our weekly search for the year's best item stopped still for a fascinating two-page interview with the late great Sylvester. The feature served as an advance to his now-legendary Feb. 4 One Night Only concert at The Castro Theatre.

Going Out July 9-15, 2021

Wednesday Jul 7, 2021
In midsummer, many arts organizations are planning their post-pandemic performances, while others, including nightlife event producers, have already returned to normal, somewhat. Catch up in Going Out.

Matt Yee keeps fun afloat in trying times

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Jul 6, 2021
Sing-along cruise ship host Matt Yee discusses making the best of the past year, and his upcoming shows at the thankfully re-opened Oasis nightclub.

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