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New Season of 'Halloween Baking Championship' Premieres Monday, October 3rd

Zombies, mummies and monsters galore get in on the action on the return of the spookiest baking competition on Food Network, where seven terrifyingly-talented bakers compete to create the most hauntingly delicious desserts.

Exclusive Interview with "Iron Chef" Alex Guarnaschelli

TELEVISION | By Mike Halterman | Jul 12
The daughter of a cookbook editor, Alex Guarnaschelli was surrounded by good food from birth. It wasn't until after she graduated college, however, that she realized she wanted to become a cook herself.

Irish Chef Clodagh McKenna Takes on St. Patrick's Favorites

FOOD/DRINK | By Kelsy Chauvin | Mar 17
Our exclusive interview with Irish chef Clodagh McKenna.

4 Ways to Avoid "Meaty-ocre" Meat

No two carnivores like their meats the same way. To help satiate the desire for the perfectly cooked meat, EDGE called upon our friends at SideChef, a step-by-step cooking app, on how to get the most out of meat.

Farm to Table :: Let Your Fingers Do the Pickin'

FOOD/DRINK | By Chef Scotty Wagner | Nov 22
We've all heard of it... I'm talking about the "farm-to-table" concept sweeping the food world. What is it and where on "earth" did it come from? Chef Scotty gives us the dish...

Interview with Chef Art Smith

FOOD/DRINK | By Mike Halterman | Jul 25
Art Smith, executive chef to the stars, is a celebrity in his own right. He won't see it that way if you ask him; he'll be quick to tell you that he's just a normal guy from north Florida. His reputation precedes him, however.

To Brine or To Marinade? :: The Grilling Question

FOOD/DRINK | By Chef Scotty Wagner | Jun 28
It’s high season for grilling, which means the eternal question arises once more: To brine, or to marinade? What does it mean, and what’s the difference? Chef Scotty is gonna tell you all about it.

Michelle Obama: Cooking at Home Has Its Advantages

FOOD/DRINK | By Darlene Superville | Mar 16
Michelle Obama said Friday that a new focus of her anti-childhood obesity effort will be to help people cook more of their meals at home because they’re healthier.

Family Feast: Cooking Together on Vacation

FOOD/DRINK | By Karen Schwartz | Feb 14
If you're planning a group getaway and intend to cook your own meals, you may find that there are too many cooks in the kitchen if you don't follow some simple guidelines.

Molecule-R: A Scientific Experiment in the Kitchen

FOOD/DRINK | By Matthew Wexler | Feb 28
Molecule-R offers the adventurous home cook an opportunity to experiment with his or her selection of molecular gastronomy kits that will have one bubbling, extracting and emulsifying in no time.

1 thru 10 of 108 Stories