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In Israel, Arab Chefs Carve Out a Distinct Cuisine

FOOD/DRINK | By Daniella Cheslow | Dec 14
Palestinian chef Johnny Goric has cooked for President Barack Obama and served as a judge on the Palestinian version of Masterchef. In July, he put out his first cookbook - but rather than publish in his native Arabic, his recipes are in Hebrew.

The Best Food Books of 2015

BOOKS | By J. M. Hirsch | Nov 21
Have you ordered your copy of the latest five-ingredient-paleo-gluten-free-Nordic-kale smoothie cookbook yet? Me either. You know why? Because nobody outside hipster man bun-loving enclaves in Brooklyn and Los Angeles actually eats that way.

Jessica Seinfeld Heads Back to Kitchen with New Cookbook

FOOD/DRINK | By J.M. Hirsch | Apr 9
If you're still not comfortable in the kitchen, Jessica Seinfeld is ready to hold your hand one more time.

Irish Chef Clodagh McKenna Takes on St. Patrick's Favorites

FOOD/DRINK | By Kelsy Chauvin | Mar 17
Our exclusive interview with Irish chef Clodagh McKenna.

What Does the Pope (and his Army) Eat?

FOOD/DRINK | By Daniela Berretta | Jan 26
A chef who serves in the Swiss Guards, David Geisser, is shedding light on the culinary tastes of the pope's army with a new cookbook,"Buon Appetito."

Ultimate Hangover Recipes from Duck & Waffle

There is no other time of year when comfort food tastes so good and will help ease the pain of that fourth (or was it fifth?) round at the holiday office party. Fortunately, we've got recipes from the new cookbook, "Duck & Waffle."

Food Books: A Very Good Year for Geeks and Grains

FOOD/DRINK | By J.M. Hirsch | Nov 19
Geeks, grains and globe-trotting. Nearly every one of this year's best food books seems to fall into one of those categories.

A Second Book for Gabrielle Hamilton - This Time, Recipes

FOOD/DRINK | By Jocelyn Noveck | Nov 3
Celebrated chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton releases her much-anticipated collection of recipes from Prune, her tiny restaurant in Manhattan's East Village.

A British Comfort Food Invasion

BOOKS | By Laura Grimmer | Sep 12
While most celebrity chefs in the United States hail from uber-chic, trendy restaurants or down-home roots, there are some gorgeous new cookbooks out of Great Britain from a different kind of restauranteur.

Jamie Bissonnette Debuts Charcuterie Cookbook

James Beard Award-winning chef Jamie Bissonnette, of Boston's Toro and Coppa and the recently opened Toro in New York, launches his debut cookbook - "The New Charcuterie Cookbook: Exceptional Cured Meats to Make and Serve at Home."

1 thru 10 of 62 Stories