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CA Dems elect gay man as chair

By Matthew S. Bajko | Tuesday May 23, 2017
A gay man is now the chair of the California Democratic Party, marking the first time in the history of the 171-year-old state party that it has been led by an out LGBT leader.

Defending Harvey against his devotees

By Thomas Busse | Tuesday May 23, 2017
As George Orwell remarked, saints should always be judged guilty before proved innocent.

Spectacular Vision of the End of Days

By Philip Campbell | Sunday May 21, 2017
Swiss conductor Charles Dutoit has been a citizen of the world for most of his life, managing to make long musical partnerships with cities in Canada, England and the US.

Gay Ugandan Refugee Seeks Funds to Help His Compatriots

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sunday May 21, 2017
Now that he is restarting his life in the Bay Area, Ronnie Kayigoma is trying to assist other gay Ugandans who have fled anti-gay discrimination in their home country.

SF Lutheran Church Celebrates 150 Years

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sunday May 21, 2017
Saint Paulus has taken many a pro-LGBT stance over its 150 years, a milestone anniversary that the church is marking this weekend.

A City-Dweller's Manifesto

By Roberto Friedman | Sunday May 21, 2017
"Citizen Jane: Battle for the City," a documentary directed by Matt Tyrnauer now in theaters, is a good primer on the life of urban activist Jane Jacobs, author of "The Death and Life of American Cities" (1961).

Dorothea Lange's Unswerving Eye

By Sura Wood | Sunday May 21, 2017
The career of Dorothea Lange, the influential photographer, created some of the most iconic bodies of work of the 20th century.

Summer at the Movies

By David Lamble | Sunday May 21, 2017
It's great to report that summers are no longer a dead zone at the movies for adults.

Sex Among the Simulators

By Richard Dodds | Sunday May 21, 2017
A big and obvious difference between fiction that is written for the page and fiction written for the stage is all those words - a.k.a. narration - that come between those times when the characters are actually speaking.

A Wider Bridge Announces Leadership Change

By Heather Cassell | Saturday May 20, 2017
A Wider Bridge announced its founder and leader will step down next year.

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