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Texas' Lt. Gov. Asks Schools to Ignore Transgender Directive

May 31
Texas' lieutenant governor is encouraging the state's 1,200 school districts to ignore an Obama administrative directive over bathroom rights for transgender students.

Marist Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Believe Prostitution Should Be Legal

May 31
Americans divide over whether or not prostitution should be legal, according to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll, commissioned by WGBH Boston for its new late-night, multi-platform PBS debate series Point Taken.

Lawyers Say Johnny Depp's Wife Gave Statement to Police

May 31
Johnny Depp's estranged wife has given Los Angeles police a statement to support her account of an alleged domestic violence incident involving the actor, her lawyers said Tuesday.

LGBT Civil Rights Summit Announces Plans for 2016 Democratic National Convention

May 31
Against the backdrop of a major, national audience, Equality Forum, the nation's oldest LGBT civil rights summit, announced plans today for this year's summit to be held July 25 through July 28 during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Director: Zoo Safe Despite Shooting of Gorilla to Save Boy

By Dan Sewell | May 31
The director of the Cincinnati Zoo says it remains safe for its 1.6 million annual visitors despite a weekend tragedy in which a gorilla was fatally shot to protect a 4-year-old boy who had entered its exhibit.

Texas River Expected to Crest at Record Level Tuesday

By Emily Schmall | May 31
Residents of some rural southeast Texas counties braced for more flooding along a river that is expected to crest at a record level just two years after it had run dry in places because of drought.

Ohio Zoo Defends Killing Gorilla After Boy Trapped

May 31
A four-year-old boy broke through a barrier at the zoo on Saturday.

Exploring Issues Trans People Face in the Workplace

By Jill Gleeson | May 31
While finding even entry-level employment is difficult for transgender individuals, keeping it can be just as challenging. Whether workers have transitioned or are transitioning on the job, they can be subject to intense discrimination and harassment.

Cellphone Radiation Study Raises Concerns Despite Low Risk

By Seth Borenstein | May 30
A new federal study of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, conducted in rats, found a slight increase in brain tumors in males.

Now Gawker Has Its Own Billionaire Backer, Sort Of

May 30
The courtroom fight between former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and news-and-gossip site Gawker is becoming a battleground of sorts for Silicon Valley tycoons as well.

1 thru 10 of 20112 Stories