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Dior Returns to Blenheim Palace for Cruise Collection

Jun 1
Dior is returning to England's historic Blenheim Palace to unveil its Cruise collection.

Shark Alert! Warnings High- and Low-Tech Seek to Protect

By Philip Marcelo and Brice Smith | Jun 1
From drones and smartphone apps to old-school flags and signs, a growing great white shark population along the East Coast has officials and researchers turning to responses both high- and low-tech to ensure safety for millions of beachgoers.

After Gamergate, Female Video Game Developers on the Rise

By Natalie Pompilio | Jun 1
he male-dominated video game industry is changing as more women develop games, play games and take jobs reviewing games.

Chinese Detergent Maker Sorry for Harm Done by Racist Ad

Jun 1
A Chinese laundry detergent maker apologized for the harm caused by the spread of an ad in which a black man "washed" by its product was transformed into a fair-skinned Asian man.

Idea for Burt's Bees Land to Become Park Becoming Partisan

By David Sharp | Jun 1
A congressional field hearing in the coming week on a proposal to create a national monument in northern Maine underscores how partisan lines have been drawn as Republican lawmakers try to rein in the expansion of public lands.

Summer Movies, from "X-Men" to a Disgraced Politician

Jun 1
Memorial Day weekend is a great time to see movies, but according our David Edelstein, there's a lot out there to see. He offers his take on the latest films.

Dr. David Agus: Cellphone Cancer Risk Not "Cause for Alarm"

Jun 1
A new study on cellphone radiation is raising cancer fears.

Ask A Lawyer :: Can Same-Sex Partners Apply for an E-2 Treaty Investors Visa?

Jun 1
Once an E-2 Visa is obtained, the national is granted a two year stay in the United States and may apply for renewals every two years to extend their stay.

'Those People' :: An East Side (Gay) Story

By Frank J. Avella | May 31
In Joey Kuhn's debut film as writer/director, a grad student becomes infatuated with the wealthy scion of a Wall Street mogul. EDGE spoke to Kuhn & stars Jason Ralph & Jonathan Gordon about the film that is getting raves.

Guten Tag! Celebrating Pride in Germany

By Winnie McCroy | May 31
If you love summer travel but hate to miss Pride, Europe's new QueerCityPass will allow you to easily navigate Germany's cornucopia of Pride events, from Munich to Berlin and and beyond with affordable ease.

1 thru 10 of 78620 Stories